Planning Permission in Principle (PPIP)

We have now submitted our ‘Planning Permission in Principle’ to the LLTNP for it to be validated.
After the application has been validated it will be published here on our website and also the LLTNP website.
Scottish Enterprise and ourselves are looking for an agreement ‘in principle’ that the proposed development is acceptable. 
For more information on the planning process please visit the LLTNP website on 

Pre-application consultation (PAC) report update

Our planning team have been working hard to produce a PAC report which will contain all of the views and comments we received during the local community and public consultation in 2017. This feedback will also be given careful consideration in the production of our ‘planning application in principal’ (PPIP) proposals.

We will shortly provide a further update on when the PPIP and the PAC report will be submitted to the LLTNP planning department.