Iconic Leisure Developments

The purpose of this page is to keep you up to date on where we are and what the next steps will be.

Scottish Enterprise advertised seeking developer interest for the Sale of a 44 acre Commercial Development site at West Riverside, Balloch in June 2015.
Flamingo Land submitted development proposals and was selected as the preferred bidder in June 2016 with the project working title of “Iconic Leisure Development.

We have come a long way all be it in the background since this date and have been working in the following areas and have been required to carry out site investigations and surveys of the site, here are some examples of the works we have commissioned:

  • Topographical Survey and Mature Tree Location Survey; including a GPR Survey
  • Utilities – general – preliminary enquiries on capacity, development demands, points of connection and required reinforcements to networks.
  • Utilities – existing oil pipelines – investigation and clarification of pipeline positions and restrictions
  • Ground Conditions and Mineral investigations including gas monitoring, soils classification etc.
  • Topographical Survey including Mature Tree Location Survey;
  • Tree & Woodland Survey  – Recording tree condition assessment, species details, age structure, management and retention value
  • Ecological Survey – classify site habitats identifying direct evidence of, or suitable habitat for, protected species including otters, water voles, red squirrels, badgers and bats
  • Ecology,Water, Cultural Heritage, Landscape and visual, Noise and Air.
    Access/Transport assessments including general access movement review including traffic surveys and speed surveys
  • Assessment of any heritage/Archaeological restraints.
  • Landscape & Visual Appraisal to provide baseline information on landscape characteristics, spatial qualities, review of topography, woodland and buildings
  • Structural assessment of existing buildings.